Retreats afford a perfect opportunity for executive and leadership teams to regroup and recharge. They may leave their offices reluctantly, but executives and leaders who attend retreats report feeling that their time was used effectively in dialogue and discussion with peers regarding best practices, goals and objectives.

Because leadership at the top is critical, we have developed a premier capability to facilitate exclusive executive retreats that help escalate senior teams to move to a higher level of performance and effectiveness. Senior leadership alignment is the foundation for a high performance organization. Getting away from it all can often be the best way to get to the heart of it all.

Our executive retreats provide a unique opportunity to build personal and team alignment, view challenges through a different lens, think and plan strategically, take relationships to a deeper level, and discover new opportunities to evolve and increase performance. They are one of the best methods to create company wide incentives as wel.

We work on our client’s strategic vision and plan for their future as an organization, and do that without being distracted by phones ringing at the office and e-mails. Employees work better as a group and learn about each other’s personalities, motives and communication styles.

We have a range of flexible options for executive retreats. Whether you need an upscale, luxury setting to reward your team or a rugged adventure to challenge executive team members and encourage risk-taking, one of our existing simulations can be customized to meet your objectives. We also have the capacity to custom design simulations for executive retreats.


Our Executive Retreats may be customized to focus on the areas in your business you want, such as:

  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Team Building & Effective Work Relationships
  • Building the Business
  • Marketing
  • Much More…


Our Executive Retreat program activities include a variety of indoor and outdoor experiences that promote individual and team success that focus on:

  • Problem solving
  • Risk Taking
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Leadership
  • Personal Accountability
  • Collaboration & Cooperation


BOWAworld’s Executive Retreats help nurture and groom people to become more perceptive; and when conflict arises down the road, they’ll have developed the tools and strengthened those connections to work through challenges.

Our Executive Retreats also help to:

  • Enhance Creative Thinking
  • Build Relationships
  • Boost Morale
  • Improve Cross-Functional Collaboration & Corporate Culture
  • Much More….



Bert Oliva shares excellent leadership tools to those who are serious about unlocking the power and energy within their organizations.–Victor Calderon, MBA Professor of Business N.S.H.M.B.A.

Bert has made a difference in my life…he is amazing! I have become much more balanced and less anxious, and I now truly live with passion. Bert helped me keen in on my delegation skills, which is terrific for someone who had major problems ‘letting go.’ My management skills have greatly improved and I am able to lead my team more efficiently.–Jensen Sostre, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Bert is a great guy. He's there with us on the same plane inspiring us to get our own answers.–Mena Teijeiro, Pushing My Boundaries


Sample Program Agenda: Executive Performance

Duration: 3 – 4 Days

Focus: Achieving results in a tight time frame, project execution, cross-functional teamwork, leadership.

Design a marketing strategy.


Design and market a real pop-up event (business related or charity).

Moderate and luxury reward challenges to fit your budget.

Host Location: Available globally.



Sample Program Agenda: Team Challenge 

Length: 3 Days

Focus: Change Management, Problem Solving, Cross-functional Teamwork, Leadership

Survivor team building simulation to boost team performance.

Identify new target markets for products and services.

Foster innovation.

Host Location: Available Globally – Outdoors.

Activities Available: Breakthroughs, GPS challenge, canoeing, camping, outdoor cooking challenges, horse riding.