Bert Oliva

Let’s Grind

by Bert Oliva

Are you part of the “daily grind”? Do you dread going to work and tackling your to-do list?

Today I challenge you to change your view of the word “grind.” Instead of thinking of it as a monotonous routine that you “have” to do start thinking of it as being at your peak. Get your grind on. That is, get yourself in your peak state and push yourself to accomplish your goals to the best of your abilities.

Do not simply “grind” once in awhile. That habit will cause your productivity and success to literally grind to a screeching halt (pun intended). Instead, grind all of the time. Work at a rhythm within yourself that will enable you to achieve your best at all times in your life.

Remember, the more you grind, the more success you will have. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your grind on!

Live Life,
Bert Oliva