Perhaps you are standing at a crossroads in your career and you are wondering whether the sacrifices to make it to the next level are worth it.


  1. Take an honest look at yourself.
  2. Realize that intentions are not how you are judged. Actions are.
  3. Find out how your actions are seen by others.
  4. Clarify, for yourself, who you are and what you want in your life at home and at work.

The Power Forum is designed to bring you into a group of people that are like-minded individuals on the hunt for personal and professional success.

This is an intense course, which covers three different areas: Personal, Spiritual and Financial. You will learn how to address situations head-on before they consume you.

At the Power Forum you will develop some of the strongest and most cherished friendships and you will be ready to embrace increasing levels of responsibility—and success—throughout your career.


You’ll participate in distinctive dialogues with Bert, in a group with no more than 12 participants. Participants are required to submit 3 questions, 48 hours before the session day. The questions will be addressed the day of the session. The program begins with an assessment of each participant. This course takes place during a one evening session.

Led By: Bert Oliva

Please Note:This event has extremely limited seating due to the extreme nature of it. This course will only happen if 5 or more participants RSVP for course. If less than 5, BOWA will reschedule the Forum.

Power Forum is not a place – it’s a paradigm. If you are ready to experience passion, techniques and bring about a different kind of learning, Join Us!



Bert is a brilliant coach and group facilitator, asking the right "tough" questions to draw out the answers from yourself. I am so grateful for my breakthrough!–-Marly Q, Park Project

Bert, thank you for showing me that I can have an awesome career, be successful and be present for my family.–-Maria Elena Holguin, Holguin Interiors

Thank you for your eye-opening lessons...I feel empowered, full of life and have a much better understanding of myself after all of this.–-Marilyn Cruz, Livemspired