BOWA’s Leadership Program takes high-level leadership concepts and theories and breaks them down into comprehensive modules. Each module contains skills, shared learning experiences, activities, and practical application assignments to launch every participant to the next level of their management and leadership skills.

This training is a unique combination of methodologies and learning styles that keep participants engaged and at peak learning state. We implement props, stories, antidotes, role-playing activities, action learning assignments, lessons, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, and even music and video. The sessions are fun, interactive and highly educational. All the trainings are set within a real-world context to keep participants engaged and to help encourage easy application of the techniques from the classroom to real-world situations.

The Program can also include supplemental coaching sessions as a follow up to and in conjunction with the modules. There are also optional as-needed follow-up virtual classes as well.


The Leadership Program was designed to meet the following Learner Objectives:

  • Maximizing participants’ effectiveness in working together as a team in achieving your organization’s strategic goals and initiatives.
  • Develop both personal and individual skills and competencies.
  • Assist with addressing individual and collective opportunities and challenges.
  • Develop leadership skills rooted in research-based concepts and translated for practical application.
  • Encourage and enable idea and resource sharing across your organization.
  • Build and sustain positive relationships within and across your organization.
  • Enhance readiness for new career challenges.
  • Increase sensitivity to the needs of clients and enhance customer (internal and external) service skills.
  • Increase awareness and expand participants’ skills set for addressing diversity for both internal and external audiences.


Participants learn by listening and watching demonstrations, then by trying skills themselves in unique module activities, and then applying the skills immediately in their particular positions at your organization. Participants will be informally and formally assessed (depending on the nature of the skill being honed) in each session. All task completion evidence and documentation will be organized, filed, and presented to your organization’s management or program administrators following the program.


The Program is designed for cooperative learning. All participants learn to work as a team, building cross-department relationships and partnerships. Participants learn to depend on each other and look out for each other. This kind of supportive atmosphere will enable all participants to grow in their leadership skills and abilities.

We also stress team-building activities to help people understand the importance of working together. A company is more productive when everyone works together for a common goal, without factions or other divisive elements. These activities help to build a greater appreciation of each other’s capabilities and talents through developing a deeper level of understanding and empathy within the group. Team members will come away with a better understanding of not only their decision making preferences but have sensitivity to how their fellow team members prefer to be supported as well.


The Program is designed to boost participants’ leadership skills across the Five Leadership Levels: Self Management, Project Management, Personnel Management, Program Management, and Organization Management.

 Leadership capabilities build upon each of these levels incrementally. To be a Competent Manager you first but be a Contributing Team Member and before that a Highly Capable Individual. And to be a Good Executive, you first must be an Effective Leader and a Competent Manager. The Program is designed to build upon each of these skill levels in an incremental way across all modules.


BOWA’s Leadership Program can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.