The Power Drive Expo & Seminar is a must-have for anyone in sales, business for themselves, or just wanting to reach your “Human Potential.” As a member of the audience you will have an opportunity to participate in one of Bert Oliva’s signature “Breakthroughs.” He will show you how to overcome your limiting beliefs. He demonstrates that the mind is so powerful that it can both make the impossible possible as well as make the possible impossible. You are the only person that determines your limits. After opening your mind to the fact that you are the only one holding you back from your full potential.


This event is designed to give you a piece from each one of the BOWA programs that originate from Humanology, the scientific study of Human Potential. These techniques combined can give you the correct balance you need in your life to achieve your highest success levels possible.


Bert teaches you the techniques you need to take your communication skills to the next level. He explains the complicated details of body language in an elementary level so that even a child can understand it. In fact, children between the ages of 12-18 are free with a paid adult.

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Would be very interested in participating in another seminar...really enjoyed the event.–Diana Barbur,Embroidery DB

Bert has a special way to inspire and encourage in so many areas of life. He has the ability to speak in a way that holds the attention of his audience partly because he can go from serious to humor in a short period of time. I would cherish the opportunity to sit under his speaking at any time.–Judy Kampman, Trial Clerk

You are a wonderful, passionate speaker. I enjoyed your event.–Colleen Rebolla, Broadstar



Please be sure to bring plenty of business cards because the exercises will focus on relationship building, communication skills, and the room will be filled with hundreds of like-minded people (the people that can help take your business and personal life to the next level).


Bert will also have guest speakers specializing in other topics such as meditation, online marketing, memory skills, and real estate. Guest speakers will vary based on City and Date.


Please be aware, this is not a motivational seminar. Bert believes that motivation lies within each one of us. What you will receive is skills and techniques that will empower you to communicate beyond your words. You will learn how to recognize the conditioning in your life that makes you comfortable but simultaneously holds you back from further success. The seminar is an experience that will change your outlook of what is possible.

Our next Power Drive is
Coming Soon!
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