Bert Oliva

The Blame Game

by Bert Oliva

I recently read a book that stated there is one quality that all successful people share: they do not blame, justify, or complain. These three qualities are excuses and ways to let ourselves off the hook for things that have occurred in our lives. No matter what has happened, no matter what outside circumstances that have occurred that may have caused a ripple in your life, you and only you are responsible for every single aspect of your life.

Everything that is currently in or not in your life is a result of choices you have made or did not make. I know that this may seem like a harsh statement, but when you really begin to think about it and take it in, that statement also has immense power. It means that you can always choose again.

Not happy with your career choice? Choose a new one. Not happy with your weight? Choose a new lifestyle. Not happy with your social life? Choose new friends. No matter what you are unhappy with, you can always choose again.

Stop blaming, complaining, justifying, and giving others your power. Own the power that is within you and know that you have the ability to always choose again.

Live Life,
Bert Oliva