BOWAworld is a performance improvement partner and leadership training organization which provides seminars, professional coaching, keynotes, and corporate trainings. We empower, educate, and equip people to take the steps necessary to achieve their goals and lead themselves and their teams to success. Every program is fully customized to our clients’ objectives; delivering skills that are transformative and sustainable.

Elements of corporate training and team building are often blended together in programs that are both unique and uncommonly powerful. Some of our clients have included: nonprofits, government entities, educational organizations, private companies, and community establishments. These programs have included Executive Level programs to teach communication, leadership, employee development, and team collaborations.

One of the many things that distinguishes us from other professional development companies is that we are able to conduct our sessions anywhere around the world. We at BOWA are constantly improving and redefining our programs to integrate industry information with professional skills that best fit our clients’ needs.

BOWA’s leadership and management programs incorporate practical principles as well as adult education theories that offer people the skills and knowledge they need to add value to their business and their personal lives. Our leadership programs are designed for today’s fast-food society and social media mentality; they are interactive, impactful, and innovative.

Many of our clients have hired us to change, inspire or deliver transformational education, management, and leadership programs to their employees. We have delivered programs to many Dade County Public Schools, non-profit organizations such as the A.S.P.A. at the Miami-Dade Public Library, the Broward County Hospital District, Marriott, HBA Insurance Group, Simon Malls, Komatsu, Aflac, N.S.H.M.B.A., Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, American Marketing Association (AMA), Trump Networks, M.I.L.E. (Madinah Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship), conferences for the Department of Homeland Security Investigations, and many more.

BOWA has been in the skills training and coaching services for leaders field for over ten years; while some of our Executive Performance and Leadership Communication Experts have over 21 years of strategic and leadership training experience. Our team is ready to develop, train, and deliver the most amazing transformational and professional program in which your organization has ever participated.

At BOWAworld we believe that:

Sales and product knowledge training lead to increased revenue and market share.

Service training can lead to better customer experiences and brand loyalty.

Innovation training encourages new ways of thinking, potentially leading to new products and services.

Leadership training can help employees grow more qualified for internal promotions, saving the organization the time and money of bringing in outside candidates when such opportunities arise.

Personal Development can lead to increased morale, which leads to better performance in and outside the workplace.

Performance training can lead to better planning, organization, and goal attainment overall.

The investment in training that a company makes shows the employees they are valued. The training creates a supportive workplace. In other words, if an employee feels like they are being invested in, they will invest in their work.

With the rapid pace and international reach of the 21st century marketplace, continual learning is critical to your business’ continued success. And with BOWAworld in your corner you can know that your employees will be receiving the most up-to-date, innovative, and results-oriented programs available.


Bert Oliva primarily speaks in one of three ways:


    His programs vary based on what the clients wish to accomplish. When hired to speak, he primarily delivers a keynote or one of his signature programs:

    • Body Talk (body language – N.L.P.)
    • Gentleman’s Boot camp (etiquette and attire for businessmen)
    • Sales Force (sales techniques)
    • Empowering Networking Techniques
    • Image Clinic (how to create brand loyalty)

    When the event is one that Bert Oliva himself is coordinating they will be one of the following:

    • Power Drive Expo
    • Become Fearless (find the speaker within)
    • Empowering Millionaires
    • Life by Design (goal setting)
    • Power Journey
    • Power Forum
    • A Forum
    • Power Cycle
    • Bio Bitz
    • Power Players

    A Physical Trainer who can look at your body and know how many reps they need to get your body in shape, a Professional/Business Coach needs to evaluate your mind. That is why Bert has designed this powerful program to find out what drives you, how far and how hard we can push you without offending you or pushing you to your breaking point. But at the same time encouraging you to strive towards your goals and improving your overall potential. At the same time you can discover a lot about yourself.

    At BOWA our programs are ongoing partnerships which help students produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Through the process of coaching/mentorship, students deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life. Learn how to perform at your peak level! People hire a coach or mentor when they are starting a new business, making a career transition, reevaluating their life choices, or simply feeling ready for a personal or professional breakthrough.

    Coaching is needed today more than ever as a critical tool for organizational change. Change is essential for an organization to grow and adapt to today’s rapidly shifting marketplace. Coaching can facilitate productive change in persons, teams, and systems by enabling leaders, managers, and employees to uncover potential that might otherwise go untapped.

    Through coaching, leaders learn how to optimize the value of human capital. Coaching helps them clarify their visions, beliefs, and values, and stretches their capacity to lead and influence. Coaching has emerged as the best way to help individuals learn to think and work together more effectively.

With Bert I have learned that being happy in life is a conscious choice, we don't get to pick the weather, but we do get to pick what attitude we have about the weather. Bert is full of charisma and passion which comes through crystal clear in all his work. These two qualities make him a natural leader and motivator, but what makes him unique is his authenticity and Integrity. Another lesson I have learned with his help is that there are no such things in life as coincidences. If you listen to Bert you are sure to here about SYNCHRODESTINY, my suggestion to you--pay attention, I've lived it and I am living it now.–Maria Viera
 - Service Delivery Analyst
, Burger King Corp.