Bert takes you through solutions to shorten the sales cycle, build relationships and maintain them through social media channels, engage discussions for lead generation, key in on the power of words and ultimately ask for the close.

Social selling is a new art, a new discipline, a more effective way to deal with more customers and be there when the opportunity is opening up. Clearly – there is nothing new in sales since 5,000 years but social media is a game changer and you need to be up to date and know how to use these platforms to leverage yourself on an ongoing basis.


It was great! One of the best presenations I've ever attended.–Alina Aballi, Certified Home Loans

Wonderful and different.–Armando Sierra

You are a wonderful, passionate speaker. I enjoyed your event. Good luck to you and God Bless your family.–Colleen Rebollal, Executive Assistant, BroadStar


Social selling allows sales people to manage and maintain 5 times as many active customers compared to traditional techniques. Social selling allows an average sales person to become a top performer simply by using tools and techniques that allows them to socialize in a way that was only accessible to the top sales guard in the past.

Social selling is about sales people building a strong brand. It is about understanding the role of content and how content can be used to tell a powerful and emotional story. Learn to make sure your team’s time spent on social networks is helping you to find and nurture your next customers and grow the business.


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